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Unskilled Peoples is the individuals who don’t have any prior knowledge and experience. This category of employees includes the people who have least experience and skills set. The job finding for the unskilled jobs in UK is very challenging and time consuming as the majority of companies seek the skilled and qualified manpower for the job.

In UK most of the sectors needs unskilled employees. As the great proportion of population are unskilled and semi-semiskilled. The job available can be a turning point for the workers around the world to achieve the good earnings and benefits. For example UK is hiring huge number of employees for the different kind of works such as seasonal work in agriculture and industries. The seasonal works such as fruit-picking, farm worker.

The application of the unskilled workers is very diverse and involves in the series if procedures. The demand of the unskilled workers in UK is growing day by day. In other word those workers who are looking for the jobs and does not have any prior knowledge and experience falls under this unskilled category.

Skilled vs. Unskilled Manpower

Skilled ManpowerUnskilled Manpower
Skilled labour have certain knowledge and expertise on the certain jobsUnskilled labour does not have any of the knowledge and experience in the work field
There is high demand of skilled manpower as the advancement in the field of science and technologyThere is a limited demand of the unskilled manpower as most of the companies and employers need the qualified to achieve the perfection in the jobs.
Skilled labour can expect high salary and benefits as they can meet the organizational need and demandsUnskilled labour are paid comparatively lower and has a least basic benefits as compared to skilled ones.
These peoples have different level of formal education and knowledgeThese peoples have very little formal education
These man powers are the pillars of the company and organization so that they cannot be replaced easily as they are hired as per the need and requirement of the company.These employees can be replaced easily as there are huge number of unskilled manpower seeking for the same job at least payment.
E.g. Doctors, Engineers, teachers, developers etc.E.g. farm worker, construction helper, seasonal worker etc.
Skilled vs Unskilled Employees

Some of the skilled jobs in UK are as below:







Administrative Assistant




Software Developer

Data Engineer

Data Administrator

Data Analyst

Chartered Accountants



Most of the common unskilled Jobs in UK :

Farm Worker

Sales Representative

Construction Worker

Care Assistant


Machine Operative

Packing Operatives

General Workers


Supermarket Staffs



Live-in Caregiver

Factory Helper


Food Counter Attendant

Truck Driver

Farm Laborer


Kitchen Helpers

Poultry Farm Helper

Warehouse Worker

Clothing Factory Worker



Seasonal Farm Worker


Fish Cutter

How to get Unskilled Jobs in UK as a Foreigner?

For the achievement of the unskilled jobs in the United Kingdom, First of all you need to find the list of unskilled jobs that you can do. As the unskilled jobs are not white-collar jobs, they very from the demand and payment than that of the skilled ones.

Steps to Get a Unskilled jobs in the UK Includes

Search and apply for the unskilled jobs

Search for the available jobs listed as unskilled jobs where the skills and experience is not required, Apply for the job from various job sites that are easily available in the internet.  You need to have a job offer letter from the employer in the UK to apply for the visa

Once you get accepted for the jobs you can apply for the visa sponsorship for UK.

Apply for the Visa

To work as an unskilled employees in the UK ,you will have to get a Work permit. There are different types of work permit that the UK provides

Work Permits offered by UK

The United Kingdom’s Visa has different Categories for the immigrants as below:

First Tier – For Highly Skilled Employees

Second Tier – This is for the Skilled Employees

Third Tier –  This is for the least skilled and unskilled manpower

Fourth Tier – this is for the students who are studying in UK and are of age 16 and above.

Fifth Tier- This is for the short timed temporary employees

Make the documents ready

Make the documents such as Certificate of sponsorship , proof of the payment ,Police Report as well  as Health Report.

How much does the unskilled worker earn in UK?

Age GroupMinimum Wage
16 – 18£4.81
Under 18£4.81
18 to 20£6.83
21 to 22£9.81
23 or Above£9.50

What are the criteria to get minimum wage in UK?

These are the types of employees who get the minimum wage

Part-time Workers

Temporary Workers

Disabled Workers

Foreign Workers

Agriculture Workers

Casual Laborers

Offshore Workers


Note – Those who are self-employed, working in voluntary works, Directors in the company will not get the minimum wage

Does working on holidays count in minimum wage?

No, works such as working on holidays, Overtime/Night shift etc. cannot get minimum wage.

Some of the basic salary Offered by Different Companies In UK are as mentioned below

PositionSalaries offered
Accountant Manager55,000
Account Payable25,000
Accounts Receivable25,000
Bookkeeper or Clerk24,672
Data Entry Clark22,425
Office Manager30,000
Project Manager50,000
Equipment Operator23,400
Restaurant Manager28,494
Backend Developer52,500
Business Intelligence45,000
Data Analyst35,427
Frontend Developer50,000
Content Writer29,074
Makeup Artist39,000

What is Temporary worker in UK?

A temporary worker is a type of employee who is eager to move and work on the other country for a certain interval of time. In order to be eligible for the temporary worker in the UK the individual need to have an offer letter from a licensed UK sponsor.

Categories of Temporary Working Visa

Charity Workers

Creative and Sporting

Government Exchange

International Agreements

Religious Worker Visa

Requirements of Temporary Working Visa

Offer letter from a licensed UK based institution

Sponsorship certificate

Saving Certificate of at least 1270 pounds

Websites where you can find high paying Unskilled Jobs For UK



Career Jet



List of Unskilled Employees in UK for 2022

Butcher Unskilled£10.50 – £18.00 an hour
Chicken and Turkey Packers£10.50 – £18.00 an hour
Factory Night Cleaner£10.42 an hour
Care Taker
Unskilled Engineering Operatives£10.00 an hour
Production Worker£10.00 an hour
Cleaners£9.50 an hour
Restaurant – Night Cleaner£10.50 – £10.50 an hour
Warehouse Worker – Days£10.50 an hour
Farm Worker
Gardener£9.50 an hour
Dish Washer£8.24 – £10.50 an hour
Care and Support Worker£10.50 an hour & £13.13 per hour on the weekends
Commercial Cleaner£11.50 an hour
Office Maintenance Worker£10.16 an hour


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