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About Australia

Why Australia is called the last of lands?

Australia is called last of lands because it was the last continent that was discovered or explored by Europeans apart from Antarctica. There are numerous island and has the total areal of 7,617,930 sq. km. Australia is the sixth largest country in the world with the population of nearly 26 million. The five largest cities of Australia are Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. Australia has a wide range of natural resources with one of the best international trade relations.

Australia is a one of the most developed country with high economy. Australia is marked as 13th largest in terms of economy, 9th in terms of capital income and 8th in terms of human-development index. Australia is on of the best countries with high quality of life, demographic status, health facilities, education facilities, economic freedom, political rights and Safety. Australia has the 2nd largest amount of wealth per adults. The Life expectancy on Australia

Australia has federal Parliamentary Constitutional monarchy. The federal government is separated by Legislature, Executive and Judiciary Branches.

Australia has a most diverse culture is the world as it is one o

The Six States of Australia are

New South Wales (NSW)

Queensland (QLD)

South Australia (SA)

Tasmania (TAS)

Victoria (VIC)

Western Australia (WA)

Some of the high paying jobs in Australia are

JobsAverage Salary Per Year
Internal Medicine Specialist$304,752
Financial Dealer$275,984
Other Medical Practitioners$222,933
Judicial or other Legal Professionals$188,798
Mining Engineer$184,507
Enterprise Architecture Manager$168,762
CEO or Managing Director$164,896
Engineering Manager$159,940
Quantitative Analyst$153,539
Director of Information Security$149,204

Jobs in Australia

Australia is one of the best attractions to attract the workers in variety of workers. Australia has a huge domination in the field of industries, agriculture and tourism. Getting a jobs in Australia is really easy if you find an appropriate path to get a job. The work availability and open job vacancy in Australia depends on the skills possessed by the individual. The unemployment rate is very low as the works are available for all levels of manpower.

Some of the growing industries in Australia to find jobs include

Science and Technology





Mining and energy

How to get a job in Australia?

Getting a job in Australia has the following steps

  • Look and Research for the jobs in the market
  • Sort out the Visa
  • Learn the culture of the place
  • Make an Attractive CV and Resume
  • Prepare for the interview
  • Accept/decline the offer
  • Join the work

Is it difficult to get a job in Australia as student?

Australian market is very competitive and it requires a huge amount of manpower to work in different fields. Not all jobs and skills have high demand but the chance to get a job even for the unskilled ones is comparatively easier in Australia.

How to Apply Jobs In Australia As a Foreigner?

The following Steps need to be followed before applying for jobs in Australia:


First of all, you will need a Visa to enter Australia and start Working. There are Different types of Work Visa in Australia Like

Student Visa

This is a visa granted to the internal students who are enrolled in different types of courses in Australia. Student Visa Holders Can Work for 20 Hours a week. Although Dependent Visa holders going with the Student can work full time as long as the student studies in the country.

The main benefit of the student visa includes easier getting and they can bring family together.

Graduate Visa

This type of visa is granted to the international graduates who have completed their course in the subjects that the Australian employers need. These visa holders can work full time for 18 months and also can bring the family to live and work with them.

Skilled Visa

That manpower those are very skilled and professional in certain field. This visa is difficult to get and offers the high salary.

Work and Holiday Visa

This type of visa is granted to the people who have their holidays in Australia and wants to work in order to support their trip. They can work and stay in Australia for 12 months.

How much a foreigner/student paid in Australia?

There are several factors that affect the actual income of the worker in Australia. It basically depends on the type of job and the skillset you possess. The more the skills the better you earn. Similarly the experience and expertise in the work also determines the salary of the employee.

Salary Range – 23,000 AUD TO 405,000 AUD

Average Salary – 90,800 AUD Per year

What are the summer jobs in Australia for students?

The summer in Australia begins from December to February. This is the time when you can get a summer jobs.

Some of the Summer Jobs Ready for 2022

Thiess Summer Vacation Program 2022/2023

Seasonal Casual Mail Officer


2022/2023 Summer Clerkship Program – Sydney

Sports Coaches/Assistants – Summer 2022/2023

Seasonal Sales Associate at Richemont Australia Pty Ltd

Viterra harvest roles – Service Centre Operators

General Mill Worker (GMW) Inkerman Mill – Seasonal

Seasonal Casual – Mail Sorter at Australia Post Group,Perth

KBR Summer Internship Program Perth

2022/2023 Summer Vacation Program in Engineering – Perth

Open Jobs Vacancy For Immigrants and students in Canada

Housekeeping Needed$22 – $29Sydney
Cleaner/ Porter (Hospital Assistant Grade 2) Balmain Hospital$50,877 – $50,877 a yearSydney CBD NSW
Cleaner/Kitchenhands/Laundry AttendantsSydney
Western Sydney Cleaning WorkSydney
Store ManagerMelbourne VIC
Store Manager$70,000 + Super + BonusesMelbourne VIC
Junior Retail Operations Manager$65,000 – $74,999 a yearMelbourne VIC
Retail Store Manager – Carlton, VICCarlton VIC
Security Officer – SouthbankMelbourne VIC
Security Officer – Daytime & Afternoon ShiftsMelbourne
Traffic Controllers No ExperienceMelbourne VIC
Civil Labourer$35 per hourMelbourne
Full time Barista in SydneySydney
Full time Barista in HaymarketSydney
Barista / Cafe All-RounderSydney South NSW
General Hands / Labourers$30 – $35 an hourMelbourne VIC


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