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Amazon in Canada is a part of global amazon web sites that have been serving people from all around the world for its best prices, Variety of selection available and convenience. After the covid-19 the people have the huge impact in buying products and shifted to online shopping as a safety precaution. This has resulted in a boost in the company like amazon.

The product line of amazon includes apparel. Electronics, beauty products, food, groceries, health and sanitary products, personal-care items, industrial supplies, kitchen products, jewelry and watches etc.

At present more than 25,000 Canadians have been working on Amazon itself and is hiring more than 15,000 employees all across Canada.

In Canada Amazon owns 46 warehouses, logistics and delivery facilities.

How much amazon employees make?

Amazon is one of the multinational companies which always care about its employees. Being a employee at amazon it pays a starting pay of 18$ per hour. Amazon provides wide variety of facilities to its employees and their family members.

What are the Amazon Canada Benifits?

Some of the benefits provided by amazon include:

Training and career growth

Amazon is investing huge amount of money is more than $1.2 billion for the skills and education to their employees.

Financial Security and success

Amazon offers basic life and accidental death to their employees

It offers payment on short term disability and long term disability

Employee Health and dental benefits

Amazon provides extensive health and dental benefits free of cost to its employees.

Employee and family assistance program

Employee and family Assistance Program (EFAP) is provided 24/7 in order to maintain the living standard of the employees and their family.

Parental leave

Amazon provides 20 weeks of parental leave along with 8 weeks of flexible timing work for their employees.

Helps in education

Employee Discounts

10% discount on Amazon Products Annually

Have several other offers and discounts on various services and goods


Employees at Amazon who work hourly gets extra time and half premium pay if they work on holidays.

List of All Available Job Vacancies of Amazon In Canada

Job CategoryNumber Of Positions available
Software Development500+
Operations, IT , & Support Engineering152
Solutions Architect137
Project/Program/Product Management-Technical104
System, Quality and Security Engineering74
Sales, Advertising and Account Management62
Machine Learning Science40
Human Resource31
Business Intelligence27
Project/Program/Product Management-Non-technical24
Amazon Design20
Medical, Health and Safety20
Data Science18
Finance And Global Business Services18
Fulfillment and Operations Management18
Research Science11
Business and Merchant Department8
Customer Service7
Fulfillment Associate7
Buying, Planning and In stock management6
Administrative Support4
Facilities, Maintenance and Real Estate4
Database Administration3
Investigation and Loss prevention2
Leadership Development and Training2
Public Policy2
Support Chain/ Transport Management2
Video/Audio/Photo Production1
Hardware Development1
Vacancies in Amazon Canada

Does amazon hire foreign workers Canada?

Yes, as amazon is a multinational company it hires its employees regardless to their country. Just in 2021 and 2022 amazon is hiring more than 1800 new corporate and tech employees in Canada.

The new hires will be on

Amazon Advertising



Retail and Operations Technology

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List of Hot Jobs By Amazon for IT Professionals

PositionSenior Software Development Engineer ,AWS Directory Service
Experience4+ years in professional software development
3+ years’ experience in one programming language
2+ years in system design or architecture
QualificationsMaster’s degree in computer science of similar field
PositionSoftware Development Engineer – AWS Directory Service, AWS Directory Service
Experience2+ years of non-internship professional software development experience
1+ years of experience contributing to the system design or architecture
QualificationsExcellent knowledge in data structure and algorithm, distributed systems and asynchronous architecture
PositionCompiler Software Engineer, AWS Neuron, Annapurna Labs
ExperienceProficiency with one or more of the following programming languages: C, C++, or Python
QualificationsM.S. or Ph.D. in compiler engineering or related fields
PositionSenior Frontend Engineer, Identity User Experience and Console Team
Experience5+ years of experience in a senior software or web development
QualificationsGood for creating efficient, scalable web interfaces
PositionSoftware Development Engineer, AWS Aurora Server less
Experience1+ years of experience in software development
Qualificationsexperience in contributing to the system design or architecture


How do I actually apply for Amazon?

To begin with, Search for the job that you are interested in. Search by locations, Categories or Keywords.

After you find the best job for you, click on apply now button.

How to write CV for amazon jobs?

Amazon doesnot accept CV, Just maintain your Resume Updated.


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